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      Pictures of our past works

      Extra large Coho Salmon Sea Grass Scene  2006 


      Pictured in place.  We made the base custom fit the curved glass shelf.


      Extra large custom tropical sea grass scene in 3 sections

      Three part extra large sea grass scene installed  2006


      Custom Clown Fish Sea Grass Scene  2007


      Custom Rainbow Trout with Brown Sea Grass  2008


      Water Lilies and Koi  2011


      Custom Large Tropical Fish Sea Grass   2015


      Metal and Glass with Chinook Salmon Wall Hanging  2015


      Custom Sea Life Wall Panels  2017



      Custom Tropical Fish with Blue Sea Grass   2017



      Tropical Fish Sea Grass in the Round  2009


      Horse Heads on metal stands  2008


      Clown Fish on Coral Sculptures  2008


      Dolphin Bowl Sculptures in Teal and Aqua  2008 and 2012


      Anemone, Urchin Bowl, Barnacle Cluster and Starfish  2008


      Red Eared Pond Turtle Sculptures  2008


      Sea Turtle on Splash Sculpture  2009