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      Clear molten glass gathered from the furnace


      Rolling in powdered brown glass to color the clear


      Picking up chips of black glass for the speckles


      Blowing and shaping the glass into the body and tail


      Flattening the piece with cork paddles, flaring up from the heat of the piece


      The mouth has been snipped in with scissors, more shaping with knife tool


      Pressing in the gills with a butter knife after reheating


      Applying the eyes with colored glass rod and torch


      Applying the fins with molten colored bits of glass


      All fins have been added, time to switch to work on the tail


      Attaching with a punti rod and breaking from the blowpipe


      Heating the tail with the piece attached to the punti rod


      Heating with the torch at the bench to shape the tail


      Snipping off the end with scissors for a final shape of the tail


      Completed brown trout, hot from the furnace


      Now to cool slowly overnight in the annealing oven